Breast Biopsy

breast biopsy

A breast biopsy is a procedure that uses a needle to extract tissue samples from the breast. It is usually performed after an abnormality is detected on a mammogram.

RMG performs both stereotactic breast biopsy and MRI-guided core breast biopsy, depending on the type of mass revealed in the mammogram. The stereotactic biopsy is generally performed on calcifications within the breast and the MRI- guided biopsy is performed if a mass is detected. In both cases, the needle is guided by imaging technology and a computer to ensure the needle is placed in a precise location. Samples are removed and sent to the laboratory for diagnosis.

Both procedures last about an hour and there is no significant scarring. Recovery is much easier and shorter than a conventional excisional biopsy.

Prior to your biopsy, please inform your doctor if you are:

  • Pregnant
  • Taking medications or herbal supplements
  • Have allergies, especially to anesthesia
  • Are over 65
  • Have had a recent illness or other medical condition


As these tests may require sedation or anesthesia, you will want to have a friend or relative accompany you and drive you home after your test.

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