RMG is a physician group consisting of more than a dozen board-certified and fellowship-trained radiologists. We supply expert interpretations in all imaging modalities, as well as provide vascular and interventional radiology services to treat a growing number of diseases and other health conditions.

We work collaboratively with physicians of all specialties, and we are always available to answer your questions, consult with you about a patient or help you determine the appropriateness of a particular test or procedure.

This website contains information that you may use to learn about our services, educate and prepare patients, access reports/images, find technical support resources and much more.


When you refer patients to us, you can be confident they are being imaged on today’s most advanced imaging equipment. At some of our centers we also offer the very latest and most advanced modalities, such as 3T MRI, 128-slice CT and digital breast tomosynthesis. These provide exceptional quality and greater imaging detail than that of equipment manufactured just a few years ago.

If you feel that a patient is a candidate for one of these advanced imaging modalities, call us! We are always happy to discuss how a patient may benefit from an imaging test using one of these systems.

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